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Welcome to Mediaphotobooth

When you enter our booth, we leave all the creativity to you. Our complete photobooth system allows you and your guest to create a fun memorable experience. Either you want to rent a Mediaphotobooth to spice up your event or you want to buy our complete system to start your business, our professional team is ready to help you. Call us today at 3108825510!

What is your Media Photobooth equipped with?

Our photobooths are equipped with top of the line technology to ensure you get the best picture.
* High Resolution Canon Digital SLR cameras
* Fast DYE SUB printers
* Fast Laptop computer and Touchscreen monitor
* Custom designed and built enclosure

How much time is required to set-up at arrival?

Our booths take between 10-25 minutes to set up depending on setup location and lighting.

How compact is your booth?

Our Double Stack MediaPhotoBooth are designed to transport as one.  Easily un-latch the bottom and top and stack it on top of each other.  Lock it on the sides for stability and in just a few minutes, your out door photo booth is up and ready. A minimum 4ft by 5ft space is needed to setup at any location.

How Long does it take to process my Photobooth purchase order?

Our current Mediaphotobooth manufacturing process takes about 3 weeks and we provide full support to get your business running effectively.

I want to franchise your name?

 Please contact us immediately.

Terms and Conditions for Parts Sales…Please read Carefully

Mediaphotobooth (MP) agrees to sell a photobooth to the contracted client. Client acknowledges that case is custom built and non returnable for any reason. Client acknowledges there is a minimum assembly period of 1 week to manufacture the photobooth before it can be shipped out.


In view of the uncertainty of the future cost of manufacture and materials we are compelled to stipulate that notwithstanding any price quoted by us or stated in your order, the goods will be delivered at our prices current at the date of dispatch.


The prices quoted are subject to alteration without notice in respect of errors and omissions. Orders are not binding until duly accepted by us.


If goods are made specifically to customer’s requirements, it is regretted that modifications to items in production cannot be accepted.


Continuing improvements are made in design, construction and specification and as such the right is reserved to effect modifications without notice.


All contracts shall be construed in accordance with English Law and as such quotations are subject to trade conditions and customs of the United Kingdom.


Anticipated dispatch dates are indicated without guarantee, liability or penalty and as such are given subject to the non-occurrence of strikes, accidents to machinery or other unforeseen circumstances. Our standard lead-time for dispatch is within three days from receipt of order by three-day carrier at current charges. Orders for same-day dispatch or next-day delivery must be received before 12 noon, in which case every effort will be made to comply. However, daily variations in order volume dictates that this cannot be guaranteed unless specifically confirmed by our sales desk.


Anticipated dispatch dates are given in accordance with your wishes or our earliest date of production, whichever is the later.


Due to the custom manufacturing of the Mediaphotobooth, refunds are not offered. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Incorrect or defective shipments must be returned in new condition and its original packaging to receive a refund credit. If we feel the goods have been used or in tampered condition, further action may be required to support a valid refund claim Returned shipments are also assessed a restocking fee of 25% (excluding returned shipping cost).

Our 30 day warranty policy covers all components of the booth, including a separate limited lifetime warranty on the booth itself. However, the warranty only applies to eligible products that must also pass an evaluation and inspection report to be valid. If the goods are considered valid we may replace them under the covered 30 day warranty.

The internal components, aside from the computer and LED Buttons, are subject to 1 year manufacturer warranties. The custom designed Windows 7 64-Bit computer systems boast a 3 year manufacturer warranty.


The company should be notified immediately if goods are not received within seven days of the anticipated date of delivery, otherwise claims may not be recognized.


The company reserves the right to make reasonable packing and carriage charges where these are applicable.


Any components failing due to faulty workmanship and/or defective material, fair wear and tear excepted, will be replaced or repaired free of charge, providing such failure occurs within a period of six months from the date of dispatch, based on single shift production, and that the defective component is returned to our factory carriage paid. This guarantee is automatically invalidated if the goods are dismantled and/or repaired without our express permission. We will not be responsible for goods returned without our consent having been first obtained in writing, whether defective or not. Such guarantees are limited to replacement of parts of our manufacture and material only. No responsibility can be accepted for consequential loss, injury or damage due to failure of the apparatus, or for the cost of dismantling and/or re-arranging. All conditions and warranties implied by statute or otherwise are expressly excluded.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect goods immediately upon receipt. If no queries are raised within 2 days of delivery, the buyer will be deemed to have accepted the goods as delivered. Any claims for damage or shortages must be accompanied by the relevant document references.


Contract performance is subject to variation as may be found necessary as a result of inability to secure labor, materials or supplies or as a result of any act of God, war, strikes, industrial disputes or accidents, fire, flood, drought or other cause beyond our control, causing the stoppage or partial stoppage of works during the contract continuance to be wholly or partially suspended, but the contract not hereby cancelled.


When a deposit is made the company reserves the right to retain the deposit in full if the order is cancelled at a subsequent date.


All goods delivered against any order shall remain the property of the company and shall be deemed to remain the property of and in the possession of the company until payment of the full price has been made by the purchaser. In the event of the purchaser not making payment to the company within seven days of the date on which payment is due, the company may remove all goods, materials and equipment and shall have the right (for that purpose) of entering on to the purchaser’s premises.Notwithstanding that delivery of the goods may have been made to the buyer before payment, the said goods shall remain the property of the seller and title thereto shall not pass to the buyer until the purchase price for the goods has been paid in full to the seller, provided always that their payment of the purchase price is made by cheque, the purchase price shall not be deemed to have been paid until the cheque has been honoured by the drawer’s bank.


Mediaphotobooth accept no liability whatsoever for incorrectly ordered goods. We must be notified within 3 days of delivery, and returns must be agreed in writing by ourselves. A minimum surcharge of 15% of the original invoiced value of the goods, together with carriage costs, will be payable by the buyer.


Where stock shortages prevent orders being shipped complete, the order balance will be delivered as soon as product becomes available. Depending upon the size of the original order and the lead-time requested by the buyer, carriage costs will be at Mediaphotobooth discretion. Additions to back orders will be treated as new orders and carriage charged accordingly.


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Standard Rentals Include

  • Unlimited 4×6 Prints
  • Professional On-site Attendant
  • Color or Black And White in Booth
  • Dual HD Monitors, Live View
  • 4 Picture Format Portrait or Landscape
  • Variety of Background Colors
  • Personalized Banner Design
  • Flash Drive or CD of All Prints Taken ****
  • 90 Day Online Web Gallery with Password Option, Free Downloads ****

**** This is complementary and can be rescinded by Mediaphotobooth

Premium Features

  • Additional Hours
  • Green Screen Background
  • Music in the Booth
  • Scrapbook and Supplies
  • Double/Triple Prints
  • Custom Picture Formats; 6 poses, Photo Strip Design, and more
  • Custom Background Color
  • Premium Photo Design (upgrade to standard banner)
  • Complete set of Printed Pictures Re-Printed at End of Event
  • Projector (in lieu of ext. monitor)

We accept: